A motorhome is what many people choose as a temporary home during their holidays. But there are times when you might consider making it a permanent place to live.

This is appealing because it comes with so many advantages. One benefit is that you move your home with you every time you wherever you decide to travel. In this article, we will discuss several questions often asked when considering if a motorhome can be used as a permanent home.

Living in a motor home in the UK is possible. You may want to understand some things before making this decision. With our experience selling Chausson motorhomes in the UK, TC Motorhomes have leared a lot about the advantages of living in a motorhome. Here are some factors that you should know.

Is it legal?

The good news is that you can live in a motor home in the UK because there are no legal restrictions about it. The only thing that you should have is the MOT. You will only have problems with it if your vehicle has not passed MOT.

The restrictions that come with a motor home in the UK is that you cannot just park anywhere. It is therefore important to get to know where you are supposed to park. You can do this by consulting the Highway Code guide for the right information.

Is it safe?

Living in a motor home is safe as long as you get to choose the best place to park. For example, if you park at the campsite all the time then safety is guaranteed even more than in the normal homes. However, there are places where it is not really safe to park like in the wild or on the streets.

When thinking about security and motor home, choosing the location is vital.

Will I have access to shower and toilet?

This is a question that might really be bothersome when considering a motor home. The good news is that you will have access to both the shower and toilet. This kind of living does not mean you compromise on personal hygiene.

There is a way that one can fit a cubicle for a shower and one for the toilet and they will function well.

What about laundry?

You can do your own laundry in this home. This is done by getting a mini washing machine that will not occupy so much space as well as asadding too much weight on the van.

The other option that is used by people but considered expensive is paying for laundry services for those who park at the campsites. If this sounds expensive, getting a mini washing machine will never disappoint.

Is there enough space?

The space is obviously limited compared to a normal home. This is however perfect for the people who enjoy small spaces. It also comes with a lot of advantages like cleaning; you are able to clean the entire house within an hour.

The good thing about this kind of home is that it is quite manageable and gives that feeling of being on a holiday. There is enough time to relax when it comes to these homes.

If you are a person that knows how to organize small spaces, you are guaranteed of well-organized space. However, getting tidy will be hard for a person who does not know how to organize small spaces.

To make sure that your space stays organized, you can look for items that are used for organizing spaces. Choose the best items that you will use in the van.

This will be an advantage during those days that you will have to stay in the van the entire day like winter times.

How is it during winter?

Nobody would want to be in a freezing home during winter. This is a question that many people would ask. It is important to understand that the kind of vehicle you choose is among the factors that will determine if you will or will not freeze during winter.

There is a way you can make the home warm during this season, one of them is using a heater. If you have pitched in a campsite, you can consider using an electric fan heater to warm the van or the electric oil filled radiator.

Will I have an address?

Yes, you can receive and post letters even in a motor home. However, this is not done like in the normal circumstances of registering for one.

What happens is that you can get a family member or a friend who you will be using their address for these activities.

This is easy. If it is a place that more than one person lives, they can allow you to register it as your own, the good thing about this is especially for voting purposes.

What are the Advantages of living in a motor home?

The obvious advantage of this type of living is mobility. You are not stuck in one place that is somehow boring. This is the main reason why most people opt for this kind of living.

There is also the freedom of going anywhere you want in the UK with the surety that you will not be stressed out on where to stay.

You can start the day enjoying your coffee at the view of the lake and end the day watching the beautiful sundown and enjoying the music you love. The freedom that comes with this kind of living is really good.

To make sure that this freedom is not cut short at any time, get to understand where to park. Plan on this and you will always enjoy the freedom.

So can I live in a motorhome?

There are no restrictions on living in a motor home in the UK. All you need to understand is where to park and making sure that your vehicle has passed MOT.

You are able to enjoy all the amenities that the normal homes have like toilet, bathroom, laundry and address among others. All you got to do is get to know how to be organized and picking the right items that are suitable for this home.

You are guaranteed of freedom of moving around the UK and Europe with your home.