Everything You Need to Know About Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute speedboat trip or a 90-minute ferryboat drive from either Phuket or Krabi, these picture postcard islands provide ultimate tropical getaway. Featuring basic tropical beaches, stunning rock and roll formations and vibrant turquoise waters teeming with colourful marine life, it is paradise perfected. Phi Phi is several six islands. The two main islands are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The larger and inhabited Phi Phi Don attracts a huge selection of visitors to stick to its lovely shores as the smaller uninhabited Phi Phi Leh hosts stunningly beautiful bays and beaches, like the world-famous Maya Bay, that was the arranged where in fact the Beach (with Leonardo Di Caprio) was filmed.

The Phi Phi Islands are in the top of each Thailand bucket list because of their aqua blue waters, lush mountains, and party-like atmosphere.

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1. phi phi island tours Overview

A couple of 2 main islands in Phi Phi, an example may be Phi Phi Don where the primary town is, and the other is Phi Phi Leh where in fact the national park is.

Phi Phi Don is a hub of activity. By day, it is filled up with longtail boats getting into the island, and by night time, it becomes a celebration paradise with noisy music and parties.

2. Phi Phi Islands Tours from Phuket
Phuket is a perfect bottom to be on an island-hopping trip, and there’s no exception for the Phi Phi Islands.

If you wish to take a broad Phi Phi Islands travel that will take you to all or any the must-visit areas at a realistic price, this travel is a perfect choice for you.With this tour, you will visit all the must-see spots in the Phi Phi Islands without hassle. Here are some of the features.Bamboo Island: an exotic island well known because of its abundant and strong bamboo trees. It is actually part of Phi Phi Islands. You may easily get there by longtail vessel from Phi Phi Don.
Monkey Beach: where you can see or supply the monkeys. It really is on the east area of Phi Phi Don.
Phi Phi Don: the key town with many retailers and restaurants. It is known as a partying hub of Phi Phi Islands.
Maya Bay: the filming location of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’. It really is situated on Phi Phi Leh.

As stated above, Maya Bay is currently closed indefinitely, so touring boats won’t land on the beach at Maya Bay. You’ll only have the ability to swim and snorkel out of the bay’s boundaries. That is due never to ending travelers flocking to Maya Bay and leaving their garbage behind, leading to the coral reef system to expire because of the pollution. Thai government bodies have announced to close the bay indefinitely to be able to revive the destroyed sea ecosystem, and it will remain finished until further notice.

3. Phi Phi Islands Tours from Krabi

In conditions of distance, the Phi Phi Islands are much better to access from Krabi than Phuket. Therefore, trips from Krabi are normally cheaper than the ones from Phuket, which is a huge perk. It’s not only cheaper to have a travel from Krabi, it is also faster to make it happen, which helps you to save you a lot of time to be at the beach, instead of being on the speedboat.

If you are looking for an ultimate day head to from Krabi to Phi Phi, just click here.

4. Phi Phi Islands Tours from Phi Phi Don Island

It comes as no surprise that lots of people prefer to stay some more times in the Phi Phi Islands, rather than taking a excursion, for a more immersive experience.

It is very possible to have a Phi Phi Islands travel from Phi Phi Don. Nevertheless, you need to mix the Andaman Sea first to be able to make your own itinerary in the Phi Phi Islands.

For anybody who prefer to explore the Phi Phi Islands more freely, here are the ferry transfer services that will need you to definitely Phi Phi Don.

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This page is going to help you learn a little bit about the hawaiian islands around Thailand, including those mentioned previously and finally help you select where you want to move for an island getaway! You can search for the island tours from three different areas; Phuket/ Krabi, Pattaya, and Koh Samui/ Koh Phangan.

Not only can you seek out island tours in each area, nevertheless, you can also seek out tours with special discounts you can’t refuse! Personalize your trip by selecting appropriate options such as trip duration, departure location, sail boat type and so on to find the perfect island travel simply for you!