Maeklong Railway Market guide

In fact, the marketplace may also be called the “umbrella yank down market” because of this very reason. But distributors have to do far more than that. They need to pick up baskets of seafood, beans, and bananas and move them from the tracks. In some instances, they just leave them as they know the coach will clear them. As the teach comes through the narrow market street, there is merely inches to spare on each area.

Maeklong railway market is also known as the world’s most dangerous market. Sadly, people have occasionally lost their lives, thought the coach moves very slowly through the marketplace.

The bizarre phenomenon leads many people to go to the market for the novelty of seeing the train run right through it, somewhat than for the products sold. The market sells mainly fresh foods, Thai sweets, blooms, herbs, spices, beverages, fish, and seafoods. In fact, it’s one of the primary seafood market segments in Thailand. But the food away, discovering the sprawling market planting season to life when the train rolls through produces an advisable stop when you’re in the region. Remember: when you hear the whistle, step again, and maybe get those camera ready.

Know Before You Go
The marketplace is located in Samut Songkhram city, Muang Samut Songkhram District, which runs along the Gulf of Thailand’s coastline southwest of Bangkok. It’s only about 60km from Bangkok. You may get there by train, public truck (minibus), or car. A great move to make is drive the Maeklong Railway through the market, and then acquired off and explore.
The Maeklong Railway Market is a little market on the railway tracks next to Maeklong Railway Place. When there are no trains around, you may easily forget this is actually an functioning railway line. Once the train looks its horn, it changes right back into a railway lines.

The market is cramped under the fold out umbrellas. It really is quite hot, and there is a lot of activity occurring. The local people walk around slowly, and everywhere. Be patient as you walk through the marketplace, otherwise, you will just get annoyed by the ft . traffic.

It is interesting to observe how half of the store owners are asleep on the floor behind their shop. we guess there is absolutely no better way to flee the midday heat than to rest through it. Even better, nobody will force cheap souvenirs in that person. This is unquestionably an authentic little local market still.
There’s also a wide collection of Thai desserts offered by the Maeklong Railway Market. I’m unfamiliar with the labels of all of the, but they’re definitely worthy of trying. Some sweets are good, and some are interesting. It’s a blessed dip, so simply take your chances.

Around the marketplace, you’ll also find some small restaurants and cafes. Meals is approximately 100 THB which really is a fairly standard price. Consider the man on the spot who provides homemade ice cream, it’s definitely price a flavour too!

You will not find tacky souvenirs or consumer electronics at the Maeklong Railway Market. For these, your very best bet is MBK in Bangkok.
The Maeklong Railway Market is situated in Samut Songkhram Province. This is about one hour south-west of Bangkok, just beyond Samut Sakhon.

The region is bounded by small canals and the Mae Klong River which flows out to the ocean in the Gulf of Thailand.

The market is only a brief distance from the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and the busier but more traditional Amphawa Floating Market. They’re both worthy of looking into if you are browsing the area.

ADDRESSING The Maeklong Coach Market
There are many different ways to access the train market from Bangkok. The choice you take depends upon time, budget, and your ambitious spirit. Personally, i pass minivan, as it is the quickest and cheapest.

Minivan: departs Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) and the Northern Bus Terminal (near to Mo Chit BTS) for 70thb per person. Minivans depart from the Southern Bus Terminal every 40 minutes or so. The trip calls for 90 minutes and drops you off right by the market. Do not go directly to the Triumph Monument bus terminal, services finished in 2016.

Taxi cab: a driver for your day costs about 2,000thb which is economical with several 4. The drivers can also take you to definitely the Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa Floating Market segments for the same fare.

Train: removes about 3 time in total, one of the ways. Catch a coach from Wongwian Yai Stop to Mahachai Place. Cross the river to Tha Chalom Pier. Get another train from Ban Laem Station to the Maeklong Railway market. Caution: Thai trains are notorious for working past due, therefore, this 3-hour voyage can simply take a lot longer. Trains also have no air-con so only choose this program if you are up for the Bangkok heating.

Travel: if every one of the above seems a little too challenging you’ll be able to also take a simple day trip to the Maeklong Railway Market from Bangkok. Have a look at this option with TakeMeTour, one of their most popular day vacations. The travels include all carry, hotel pickup, fall off and lunch break! It’s not really a bad way to bypass.
Accommodation CLOSE TO THE Train Market
Should you spend a night out of Bangkok near to the Maeklong Railway market? Hell yes! It is a terrific way to experience part of ‘outside Bangkok’ that lots of other travelers just don’t get to see, a genuine insight into the actual non-touristy Thai culture appears like.

The lifestyle out here is slower than in Bangkok. You may forget about the infinite traffic jams, aggravating Tuk Tuk drivers and the Khao Sarn Street party arena. Replace that with a laid-back town atmosphere where people live by the canals and still get around by boat rather than a car.

For an real experience, I would recommend the Bann Reuan Penn Homestay. This small guesthouse is situated right next to the canal (klong in Thai), where you can watch the boats go by each day and afternoon. Additionally it is within walking distance of the Amphawa Floating Market, exquisite for enjoying the pubs and restaurants at night without having to rush back again to Bangkok on the previous bus of the evening.

From just $40 per nighttime for a twin room (including free breakfast for two), it is really as good a package as you will find in Bangkok!