Three Good Guys: First Salted Egg Xiang Guo in Singapore

There is no late-lunch rush — not by Irvin’s Salted Egg standards — where customers often face limits on the amount of bags they can purchase filled with Irvin’s signature snack — chips made from the deep fried skin of a John Dory fish flavored with salted egg yolk.

Rich, lovely and habit-forming, salted egg yolk — an ingredient that has long been used in small quantities as a condiment in Southeast Asia — has, within the last couple of years, become ubiquitous in Singapore.
It had been there that he began to sell salted egg chips, first offering them as a side-dish on the menu, then as a packaged treat that customers could eliminate — another income stream, thought Gunawan, that may help bolster a struggling business.
The sheer intensity of the salted egg yolk was the matter that struck us the most when the steaming bowl was brought to us. Both its appearance and the aroma are mind-blowing. This delicacy sticks out from the other bowls of salted egg yolk that are packed with unnatural slimy yellow sauce.

Here, only genuine chunks of salted egg yolk go in to the preparation of Xiang Guo. Also, picture a good inclusion of seafood skin, curry leaves, and most importantly, chili padi protruding one of the noodles – indeed a sight to behold!

Now to the real thing; eating the Salted Egg Yolk Xiang Guo. The three young hawkers three good guys salted egg hotpot in Singapore are doing a great job with the taste of the dish. For example, while we found the taste of the salted egg yolk quite profound, it had not been overly salty.

The taste gets a lift from the hard nuggets of the salted egg, with the occasional tip of spice from chili and curry leaves.

Furthermore, each component was wholly covered with a thick layer of sauce. Therefore, we came across a salted egg as soon as we placed into our mouth area until we were done eating.

The meals components that we treasured the most were the lotus, tau kee, and pork belly. These elements remained moist and consequently, absorbing the flavour of the salted egg.